2023 Las Candelas Paramotor Flight Fair in Spain

At its beginning there is a large tent that houses the stands of the brands that they use to exhibit their products. Nowadays Las Candelas has become an essential event for this sport, being the first in all of Europe at this level and which has the advantage of the weather:when it is still snowing in the rest of Europe, in Andalusia people already enjoy pleasant temperatures. And the happiest thing is that our FTB propeller appeared this event.

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                                                                          American pilots came to the scene with our propellers and participated in the event using FTB propellers. And the flight test results were great.

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                                                        As well as, Las Candelas aims to serve as a showcase for the great brands of this sport that exhibit their products in the space provided. A lot of pilots like our propellers.

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                                                       Thanks to the American pilots for their efforts and support, we will always uphold the principle of providing pilots with the best propeller selection and provide better services for pilots.

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