We focus on revolutionary design, proven manufacturing processes and rigorous testing to deliver precision Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) propeller, helicopter rotors, multirotor and other components. Our technology and experience enable us to meet the long endurance and high reliability requirements of the rapidly evolving UAV market.

Design & Research
Design & Research

We focus on innovative design, proven manufacturing processes and rigorous testing in a rapidly evolving marketplace.
Our Research and Development incorporates:

●  Phases from concept definition through to series production

●  The use of computer aided design & imitation/molding capabilities

●  From concept to prototype verify by multiple materials and multiple facilities

●  Professional test equipment analysis by our highly qualified engineering team

Iteration is achieved through product renew, facility update, and method renew.

Machining & Prototyping
Machining & Prototyping

FALCON's in-house Machining capability includes:

●  Mold-level machine tools to ensure consistency from design accuracy to prototype

●  3D printing enabling us to quickly verify the feasibility of a design concept

●  Vacuum Press:preset program,precise temperature and pressure control to ensure the integrity of molding

●  Composite materials Autoclave:Autoclave molding technology can produce composite parts in different shapes, providing the necessary pressure and heat for the compaction and curing. Composite materials curing oven which produces a precise temperature control at each stage for better molding

All these equipments to facilitate the processing and manufacture of propellers and composite parts.

Test & Validation
Test & Validation

●  Dynamic balancing machine improve the balance precision of propeller. Ensure the balance of the propeller to prolong the life of the engine and motor bearing

●  Testing the torque, rotated speed, thrust, power consumption can help customer choose the right propeller for their applicaiton

●  Providing natural frequency analysis and mode of vibration of propeller and blades, to reduce the resonance frequency when designing the helicopter 

●  Dynamic balance testing instrument:For further balancing after propeller installation, for precise balance matching of rotating parts to propellers or rotors

Match & Selection
Match & Selection

●  Motor dynamometer

●  Engine dynamometer

●  Propeller testing facility

●  With the expansion of the application field of UAV, the requirements for aircraft tend to be diversified. In order to meet this demand, according to the working conditions used by customer's, our vast range of experience provides the ability to extract extensive motor dynamometer data/engine dynamometer data and propeller test data, giving us the ability to select the best matching solutions, for each customers' specific requirement

Manufacturing & Production
Manufacturing & Production

●  FALCON is comprised of highly qualified Aerospace Professionals and Senior Aerospace Engineers who have extensive research and development expertise. This breadth of knowledge and experience enables us to work in partnership with our customers to provide innovative solutions to real life projects

●  State of the Art production tools are utilized to ensure consistency during the manufacturing process, we are able to produce large volumes within short timescales

●  Our Quality Assurance processes further ensure that all propellers meet our top quality standards in line with customers specifications

●  FALCON's purpose built 30,000 square meters factory and workshop supported by a dedicated Team of over 200 workers, can deliver high volumes of top quality propeller and other composite parts. We provide propellers and service to over 50 countries worldwide

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